A wise man once told me during college, a man whom I respect for his general competence and who now works as an independent auditor, in response to my passionate query, desirous for an answer, about price: You get one thing and sell it at another.

That's the basic premise of what's going on here. We are a service company. There are others like us. Each forms a base price off what the state charges. The United States is beautiful. But such diversity leads to many options. There are no company formations at the national level. Each state has the will to impose a different filing fee than the other. And this is what happens in practice.

Not only does each state charge a separate filing fee, but this fee may differ depending on whether you form a Corporation, LLC, or Not for Profit. Do the math. That's over 150 possible no-questions-asked, base prices for starting a business.

And not all service companies are built equal. The whole reason you may be using a service company to begin with is in order to hand off the clerical pain and associated time burden. Service companies will often take advantage of this get-it-done mindset by including products and fees as standard you might not need or want.


  • Registered Agent
  • Expedite
  • Corporate Kit

This is why we strive for the ultimate clarity in our pricing and package models. You can hire us to do everything. We are happy to do so. That makes our bacon. But you can also find minimalist formation packages with nothing you don't need if saving on startup fees is important. Remember the wise words of my friend when looking at service companies to set up your business: You get one thing and sell it at another.