A Dedicated, Local Legal Entity Identifier Resource

A Dedicated, Local Legal Entity Identifier Resource

As far as I know, we are the first company in the United States to offer an automated LEI issuance program. We do this by having a great Partner. RapidLEI is the LOU. If you're unsure what a LOU is, discover more or take this brief summation: a Local Operating Unit (LOU) is the entity which generates the LEI in compliance with ISO 17442. We manage the LEI. Each year, it needs to be renewed. If you are a part of an organization which essentializes LEIs appearing Issued on record, this is the best program to make it happen. As long as the subscription payment from your end hits our account, an automatic renewal will be triggered with the GLEIF. Managing all the background research is up to us, although we'd appreciate if any address, ownership change, or other data points could be relayed if updated. You'll get an email reminder a month before the LEI is set to renew. We just want you to be aware of the charge on its way. If everything is good, sit tight. Don't worry.

We've invested long and hard winnowing down the LEI registration and maintenance process. We've optimized our processes to keep your code Issued. It's our hope that through relieving this small compliance burden, a relationship can grow as we continue to expand and offer a more lengthy variety of benefits. Take calm knowing we're on the ground floor. Start with secure company identification. Grow from there. We hope to join you on your journey.

Matthew Boyle, Founder & CEO

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